Connect4 Wine was started in 2008 to provide a network and a vehicle to share experiences around great wines, foods, places and people.

The founder & CWL (Chief Wine Lover), Tom Hawkett started running wine tastings in the early 90's with the Toronto Junior Board of Trade and from there has developed a real passion for wine that is contagious. He continues to share his experiences from across Ontario, USA, France and Italy.

Our goal is to build awareness, excitement and knowledge about wine to wine lifestyle through our social media properties like InstagramFacebook and twitter, as well as on the ground, through wine tasting, tours, seminars, etc.

We believe that it is nice to read about wine experience,
but we know that it is best to experience wine in the company of other wine fans.

  • We will be providing you with more convenient access to experiencing Ontario and global wines.

  • We want to be a trusted source to come for information and a community you come to for fun and great wine experiences

  • Connect4 Wine promotes the enjoyment of the best wines produced across Ontario, through all of your senses.

  • Connect4 Wine also facilitates and encourages the enjoyment and appreciation of wines through tasting, learning, and touring.


Our CWL loves providing Laughing & Learning experiences that involve win. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences while having fun.