Grow your Winery

Connect4 Growth has been helping business grow thru deployment of sales & marketing strategies, training & technology for 20+ years and helping Wineries for 8+ years to:

  • Sell more wine

  • Raise effectiveness of  sales & marketing efforts.

  • Get wine tourists back to wineries

  • Enable events to be safe for all

  • Less vulnerable to cyber threats & downtime. Link to

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Encourage Winetasters back to Wineries

Promote your Wines


Run touch-free events:


  • With Tap-Coin Technology. Replace drink tickets to speed up transactions and allow easily controlled and reconciled drinks for each event.

Promote Tastings in your Wine area/region

  • With Tap-Coin Technology (on wrist or card) it enables wine tasters visiting multiple wineries, to just Tap-to-Taste, with an easy prepaid use and top-up for more tastings on their phone. For the winery it is easy to reconcile against marketing promotions.

  • As a Marketing group/Association can use to run tasting events and other promotions around tastings  and specific wineries, types of wine or across a region.

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Tom Hawkett





  • Represent your Winery at events

  • Run wine tasting events with your wines (public & private)

  • Social Media support

  • More targeted approach to multiple marketing channels

  • Develop Influencer programs

  • Develop marketing analytics strategy

  • Ready to go App for your Winery or Wine Region (plug & play)

  • Act as Manufacturer's Rep in consumer market

Cyber Security Solutions


Small business owners do not seem concerned enough about Cyber threats to their business.

How confident are you that your business is Cyber Secure on a scale of 1-10? If you answered "I think" we are less than 8, I recommend that you watch some of our videos and then we should meet.

We would like to educate you about the importance of really fighting cyber threats.

Here are some unsettling stats for business owners:

  • 60% of all attacks are hitting small companies

  • 33% of firms, that get attacked, require 3 or more days to recover from that attack

  • 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of being hacked

  • Discovernet finds about 20% of companies are in good shape. With the other 80% they find serious Security issues with risk exposure

Connect4 Growth has partnered with DiscoverNet to keep our clients:

  • protected & have disaster plan in place

  • equipped with the best-fit technology for each unique client

  • In Compliance with all required security & privacy standards

Discovernet was recently awarded "Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies" in Canada" and has been serving clients for almost 20 years.

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