2014 Archangel Sparklig by Angels Gate VQA $29.95

L'Hawk's opinion:

This has been my favourite my favourite VQA sparkling wine, as it drinks like a  fresh quality traditional French champaign.  This will be a perfect sparkling to celebrate the Halidays and the end to this terrible year.


Winery notes:

The Archangel Sparkling by Angels Gate vinified using the traditional method, which means that the wine was aged on lees in the bottle that is available on the shelf. A pure and elegant way of crafting sparkling wine, this method allows the wine to develop a great amount of complexity, while maintaining its delicate character. We believe that wine should be a reflection of the local terroir and the nuances of each vintage, therefore our sparkling wines are vintage dated.

This Sparkling wine has notes of green apple, pear and bread on the nose. The bubbles on the palate explode, creating a clean and fresh feeling, assisted further by a touch of tart acidity. Tree fruits such as citrus, apple, peach and pear are the immediate flavours. The finish is both long and dry.

Archangel Chardonnay Sparkling 2014 by Angels Gate