L'Hawk's comments:


This has been my favourite merlot from anywhere. This is full body, fruit forward. This special occasion wine is perfect for Valantines paired with dark chocolate. This is always a WOW. This is leftover from the era when Angels Gate produced fantastic merlots. Unfortunately, a winter storm wiped it out. This is worth the price.


Winery's Notes:

Our Mountainview series of wines are a dedication to place, as great terroir is a key ingredient in winemaking.  The heavy clay forces the vines to work harder and dig deeper for food and water, at times pushing to more than 30 feet deep.  With such deep rootstocks, these vines typically produce better fruit. All of our Mountainview wines are limited in production and vinified using the best fruit of a given vintage.
Our Mountainview Merlot has an intense nose of cherry, raspberry, and black plum.  The oak treatment is subtle giving the terroir the opportunity to express itself while the addition of appassimento Merlot only adds to the characteristic to the wine. 
We enjoy pairing this Merlot with mushroom dishes, red meat, pork loin or wood oven pizza.

Mountainview Merlot 2016