2018 Pinot Gris VQA $14.95

L'Hawk's opinion:

This is one of the @WineGangTO (twitter) favourite white wines. Again this french style pinot gris has lots of great flavours for a fantastic pice. You may never go back to the poor cousin, pinot grigios often with little favour.

Winery notes:

They cool ferment and skin soak the berries to achieve colour, while maintaining a solid fruit structure.  We then take that fruity wine and age it slowly in mature oak barrels.  This aging process develops the mid-palate giving the wine added structure and finesse, without imparting an overwhelming oaky character.

The nose features a bouquet of peach, honey, rose and green tea leaf.  Hints of vanilla are also imparted by the French oak used in maturation.  The palate is very well balanced in acidity, body, and warmth.

With a weighty mouth feel and fruit forward finish, this Pinot Gris is an excellent food companion.  Pair it with your favourite salmon or poultry dish.  We also recommend pairing with a wild mushroom risotto or pork tenderloin.

Pinot Gris 2020 by Angels Gate - Niagra Bench