Get customers back on-premise...sooner

Keep your visitors safe at your Restaurant

Let's be proactive in raising their confidence


Safe Restroom

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How restaurants can help keep their customers safe with the Safe Washroom Solution

(Oct 6/20 3 min.)

Build confidence in safety to get your customers back sooner

Enabling your customers & staff to be safer when they are on your premise


  • Customers & staff have safety expectations, so  you need to be proactive on safety to get them back on-premise  

  • Nobody likes bad surprises

  • The Public’s concern for their safety has led to reduced on premise visits and reduced revenues

  • Customers want to be confident to return to your premise


SafeRuim - Restrooms

Informs people outside a restroom on a digital screen, when it is safe to enter


The Benefits:

With people feeling more comfortable with your on-premise safety, more people will visit your location

  • Mitigates risk of infection & physical danger

  • Customers want to be confident in your cleaning policies & procedures, while optimizing cleanliness of rooms & reducing costs

  • Being proactive on safety, builds community trust, to be used to promote your business & reduce PR headaches & insurance costs

  • Demonstrates leadership by example to all

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